In November 2017 I was sent  by humedica NGO to document their medical clinic in Dus, a small Kara village in the Omo Valley, that was established in 2016 and offers continuous medical support for the surrounding villages. With a population of less than 3000 the Kara are one of the smallest indigenous people in Ethiopia, they grow crops on partitioned farm lands with an efficient irrigation system and graze their herds of goats, sheep and cattle on the east bank of the Omo River. 
When the first group of Kara we met, saw my camera, they thought that I'm a tourist willing to pay for photos. But Trudy, the clinic's coordinator made clear that I belong to the "family" and soon the whole village knew my name and was accepting my presence to document their day to day life and the clinics routine to establish a better health care!
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