The Underworld - Living Under A Highway
Under a Jakarta highway, 4 illegal settlements have thrived for 30 years. Homes meld into the concrete, with makeshift materials providing minimal shelter. Families, often unregistered migrants, endure hardships, including bribing for electricity. This narrative offers a glimpse into their challenging coexistence.
Ethiopia Skates - Rolling Dreams
Since January 2015, this ongoing documentary project has been capturing the burgeoning skate subculture in Ethiopia. Various communities are empowering Ethiopian youth through skateboarding, fostering confidence, creativity, and community bonds. By showcasing their passion and drive, the project aims to support their dreams, whether it's becoming professional skaters or simply providing an outlet to keep kids off the streets and onto skateboards, nurturing a peaceful and vibrant generation in Ethiopia.
Islands Of Harmony - Aligning Tradition And Healthcare
The coexistence of indigenous tribes and modern medicine. Women of the indigenous tribes in the Omo-Valley often have a long journey ahead of them before giving birth. As their villages are sometimes days away from medical help, more and more women of the indigenous tribes in the Omo-Valley address maternity wards at regional medical posts, to reduce possible birth complications, including the death of the unborn child or the mother. Once arrived, they spend several days within these harmonious centers, where they find rest and support among sisterhood.
Life After War - Rebuilding Hope
In the aftermath of a devastating war that claimed over 600,000 lives and displaced millions in Tigray and neighboring regions, the resilience of those affected shines through amidst dire conditions. As the crisis remained largely unnoticed by the Western world, NGOs like humedica stepped in to provide vital healthcare and aid, offering hope and rebuilding shattered communities.
Blok A - A Story Of Decay And Neglect
Block A in Cilincing Flats stands as a stark symbol of neglect, with its deteriorating infrastructure, sanitation issues, and security concerns. Despite its original purpose to provide housing for families from cleared slums, the lack of maintenance has left residents grappling with substandard living conditions, highlighting the urgent need for renovation and improved management.
Shattered Lives - Aftermath Of The Cianjur Earthquake
The 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Cianjur on November 21 left devastation in its wake, impacting over 117,000 individuals. With hundreds dead or injured and tens of thousands displaced, makeshift tents became temporary homes for many, highlighting the ongoing fear of aftershocks and the urgent need for support.
Muddy Waters - Resilience Amidst Disaster
In documenting the aftermath of devastating floods in Jakarta, this project highlights the resilience of communities amidst disaster. As part of a local Emergency Medical Team on Lebak Baten island, I witnessed firsthand the impact of extreme weather events, emphasizing the urgent need for preparedness and adaptation to climate change
Kapuk Muara - Living and Working in Harmony
Kapuk Muara is often referred to as the "recycling slum" of Jakarta because many of its residents are involved in sorting and processing waste materials, particularly plastics, for recycling. This has become a livelihood for many families, despite the area's challenges with flooding, pollution, and inadequate infrastructure. The community's efforts contribute to Jakarta's overall waste management and recycling initiatives, highlighting both the resilience and struggles of its inhabitants.
When Heaven Becomes Hell - Surviving A Tsunami
n the aftermath of the devastating tsunami that struck Pandeglang and South Lampung, this project documents the resilience and determination of affected communities. Deployed as part of a Humedica Emergency Medical Team, I witnessed the profound impact of the disaster, capturing the poignant stories of displaced families and survivors as they navigate through loss and uncertainty with remarkable resilience and faith.
Dior In Jijiga - Portrait Of A Somali Town In Ethiopia
Jijiga is the capital of Ethiopia's Somali Region...
72 Hours In Dus - Capturing Life In A Kara Village
In November 2017, I documented humedica NGO's medical clinic in Dus, a Kara village in Ethiopia's Omo Valley. With a population of roughly 3000, the Kara people are one of the region's smallest indigenous groups, known for their unique way of life. Despite initial misconceptions, the Kara embraced my presence, allowing me to capture their daily lives and the clinic's vital role in providing healthcare to the community.
Escaping Poverty - NGO Projects In Ethiopia
Since 2016, my journey documenting NGO projects in Ethiopia has been one of empowerment and transformation. From sponsorship programs offering essential support for children and their families to initiatives focusing on education, healthcare, and economic empowerment, these projects have been instrumental in nurturing hope and creating opportunities for a brighter future. Through comprehensive care and guidance, they pave the way for young people to flourish and realize their potential, embodying the promise of a better tomorrow through education and empowerment.
Most of Moscow’s pedestrian underpasses are housing tiny glass-windowed kiosks selling almost everything under the sun. For some they're just hated momentos of the past, but many Moscovites find in them convenient places to shop.
Pirata Surf School - Empowering Dominican Youth
At Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, Johannes Kestler's Surf School stands as a beacon of opportunity and passion. Founded to support local surfers and provide employment, it has evolved into a platform for nurturing talent and empowering teenagers from underprivileged families.
Eerste River - Life At A Hospital And Beyond
In 2004/2005, my photography journey led me to document Eerste River Hospital, capturing its vital role in serving Capetown's townships. With unrestricted access, I immersed myself in every room, later extending my lens to document the lives of the hospital's patients in their communities. These images, exhibited within the hospital, offer a poignant reflection of healthcare intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of township life.
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